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We've Got News!

We now have a Drive-Thru!

You can now pay your current tax bills in our new drive-thru! The drive-thru is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.! It is conveniently located near the old Wells Fargo building in downtown Darlington next to the Darlington County Courthouse. Click here for location map.

Mission Statement:

In order to provide services to its residents, every government needs revenue and needs to know that its revenue will be collected and kept safe until needed. It is the mission of the Treasurer’s Office, as spelled out in the Code of South Carolina, to collect state and local taxes and other revenues, to invest and safeguard the funds, and to disburse the funds as directed by the local governing body.

For Your Information

  • In South Carolina, vehicle taxes are paid a year in advance.
  • If you are renewing your vehicle license tag, you can pay your taxes and renewal fee to the Treasurer's Office and eliminate having to go to the Highway Department.
  • If you receive a tax notice for a boat or motor that you no longer own, you must notify the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources at Post Office Box 167, Columbia, SC 29202.
  • When paying your taxes, please make reference on your check to the receipt number. This reduces the possibility of errors in posting your payment.
  • If you receive a tax notice for a vehicle you no longer own, you will need to contact the Auditor's Office.
You may pay property taxes at the following financial institutions if you provide your tax notice with the payment made to the Darlington County Treasurer:

  • Carolina Bank - 1O4 Orange St.
  • SPC Cooperative Credit Union - 609 N. Main St.
  • Carolina Bank - 114 Main St.
Society Hill
  • Carolina Bank - 121 S. Main St.
  • South State Bank - 817 S. Fifth St. 
  • Carolina Bank - 525 S. Fifth St. or 1042 N. Fifth St.
  • First Citizens - 130 S. Fifth St.
  • The Citizens Bank - 206 S. Fifth St.
  • SPC Cooperative Credit Union - 204 N. Fifth St.
  • Wells Fargo - l04 N. Fifth St.
Normal Hours: 8:30 am. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday (Excluding holidays)


1 Public Square, Room 203
Darlington, South Carolina  29532
Phone: 843-398-4160
Fax: 843-398-9704 or 843-393-8539
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Jeff Robinson