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County Administrator

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The chief administrative officer of the county shall be the county administrator, who shall not be a member of the council. Such officer shall have such powers, duties and functions in the administration of the county government, in addition to those provided by the Home Rule Act, as may be provided by ordinance or resolution of the council relating to the organization of county government.

The county administrator shall serve for an indefinite time, and the salary and other conditions of employment shall be set by an agreement between the parties. The county administrator shall report and be responsible to the council on all matters pertaining to the policy and directives of the council in respect to county government.

In addition to any other duties and responsibilities which may be prescribed by the council in an ordinance or resolution relating to the organization of county government, the county administrator shall have the following duties and responsibilities: to attend all meetings of the council, regular and special; to prepare and present agendas for all regular and special meetings and to mail and deliver to the members all notices of such meetings as are required by law and these rules; to be the custodian of the corporate seal and all records of the council; to attest the signature of the chairman on all ordinances, resolutions and directives of the council, and to sign with the chairman all deeds, leases, bonds, contracts and other legal instruments affecting the county; to conduct official correspondence on behalf of the chairman and the council; to assist the council in the execution and implementation of its policies and programs; to prepare an annual budget for adoption by the council; to keep the council advised regarding the financial condition and administrative activities of the county; to administer all ordinances and resolutions and to see to the faithful execution of all orders and directives of the council; to examine regularly all accounts, records, personnel policies and operations of each department, office and agency of the county government and to report to the council in connection therewith; to make recommendations to the council on all matters concerning county affairs; to be responsible for the care and custody of all county property and to account therefore to the council; to record all deeds, contracts, plats or other legal instruments; to assist the council in the execution and implementation of its policies and programs and to perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to such officer by the council. The chief administrative officer shall be the same person designated to act as county administrator. (Ord. No. 89-16, T, 12-18-89)

State law references-Employment and qualifications of county administrator, S.C. Code 1976, 4-9-620; powers and duties of county administrator, S.C. Code 1976, 4-9-630 et seq.



1 Public Square, Room 210
Darlington, SC  29532
Phone: 843-398-4100
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Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Marion Charles Stewart, III
Marion Charles Stewart, III
County Administrator
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