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Alcohol and Drug Citizens Advisory Committee

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Alcohol and Drug Citizens Advisory Committee

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Formation - Ordinance No. 90-9

Membership: Consists of eight members appointed by each county councilmember to represent each of the eight council districts.

Term of Office: Members serve until they resign or are replaced by County Council.

Responsibilities: Consult with and advise the single county agency in the development and implementation of the county alcohol and drug abuse plan; consult with and advise the single county agency concerning use of "minibottle funds" appropriated by County Council for educational purposes relating to the use of alcoholic liquors and the rehabilitation of alcoholics, drug abusers and drug addicts, with emphasis on making services available to working people and individuals at the county detention center and prison farm; plan and implement strategies to obtain additional community input; and submit to County Council a report commenting on the single agency's proposed plans, its accomplishments for the previous year, the results of citizen and consumer input activities, and a recommendation on whether the County Council should consider competitive procurement of the single agency designation for the coming fiscal year.

Meeting Schedule: At least semi-monthly

Staff Liaison: Ms. Denise Cooper, Executive Director, Rubicon Family Counseling Center, Hartsville 843-332-4156

Alcohol and Drug Citizens Advisory Committee Board Members:

Members Position Term
Terry Lewis Council District 1 Appointed 08/10/20
Gertrude Burnes Council District 2 Appointed 06/06/11
Susan Abraham Council District 3 Appointed 07/10/17
Ruth Carroway Council District 4 Appointed 03/03/14
Robert A. Singletary Council District 5 Appointed 03/02/15
Lunell Williams Council District 6 Appointed 11/01/21
Clay Parker Council District 7 Appointed 03/07/22
James Clemons Council District 8 Appointed 07/10/17