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Assessor's Office

Assessor's Office

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What This Office Does

  • Appraise Real Property and Manufactured (Mobile) Homes for tax purposes. (Under state law a county must implement a reassessment every 5 years). 
  • Accept and process written appeals to values generated by this office. 
  • Transfer ownership of real property through recorded deeds. 
  • Work recorded plats, (i.e. combine parcels, subdivisions, etc.) 
  • Maintain and process 4% legal residence and agricultural applications. 
  • Maintain Sales information for public review. 
  • Provide property record cards. (Shows sketch of buildings and other related information) 
  • Provide aerial and tax maps for sale upon request. 
  • Process Department of Revenue Exemptions for real property. 
  • Discover, measure and appraise new construction for tax purposes. 
  • Maintain and process Multiple Lot Discount applications for developers owning 10 or more lots in a homogeneous neighborhood.
  • Change mailing addresses for real property owners as requested. 
  • Issue Mobile Home Stickers by permits and maintain records for tax file
  • Issue Mobile Home Moving Permits
  • Develop and maintain GIS for Darlington County

What This Office Does Not Do

  • Give legal advice. 
  • Research real property for legal claim. 
  • Have tax or other information on vehicles, boats, motors, or other personal property. 
  • Give information on or estimate property tax amounts. 
  • Issue any type permits (Building, electrical, etc.) 
  • Give information on delinquent taxes. 
  • Set or change fees (i.e. Landfill, fire fees, special district fees, etc.) 
  • Accept payments for County property taxes. 
  • Assign site addresses. 
  • Grant exemptions for real property.


How do I get the best tax rate for my home?

My property is mortgaged. Do I pay the taxes?

Who determines the amount of taxes I pay?

How often does the Assessor inspect my property?

Who is responsible for the taxes if a property is sold after December 31?

I've sold this property. What should I do with the tax bill?

What if I change my mailing address?

I agree with the appraised value, but I'm afraid my taxes will go up accordingly. Should I appeal my value because I feel my taxes will increase?

I am not sure my vacant lot is buildable since a septic tank is required. What is the basis for receiving a lower assessment from the Assessor?

I did my own construction work to save money, but the appraised value (assessment) increased more than my actual cost. Should my assessment reflect the actual cost?

What happens if I buy a mobile home on which the taxes are not paid?

How do I change my mobile home to permanent dwelling?



1 Public Square, Room 309
Darlington, SC  29532
Phone: 843-398-4180
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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