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FY24/25 Accommodations Tax Application

Darlington County is accepting Accommodations Tax Applications

Applications for FY24/25 Accommodations Tax funds are available from Darlington County. Total anticipated funding for the County is $71,800 of which $16,800 is designated for the 30% Special Fund for advertising and promotion of tourism for existing, ongoing tourist promotion programs (such as a chamber of commerce, visitor & convention bureau, or regional tourism commission) as outlined in Section 6-4-10(3) of South Carolina Code of Laws.

Eligible applicants/sponsors include public and private non-profit organizations. Eligible projects include those which promote tourism, the arts, and cultural events; provide facilities and services for civic and cultural activities; or support tourist-related services.

The following minimum eligibility documentation must be submitted with applications:

  • Applicant/Sponsor Federal ID number;
  • Certificate of Incorporation/Charter;
  • IRS 501(C)(3) or 501(d) certification letter (non-profits); and
  • SC Secretary of State's public charity registration letter (non-profits).

Click here for an application or call 843-944-8270 or email jbishop@darcosc.net for an application to be emailed to you. The application if a fillable form. Please type your responses. 

The deadline to submit an application is Monday, March 11, 2024.

Please submit applications to Darlington County Administrator’s Office, Attention: J. JaNet Bishop, Clerk to Council, 1 Public Square, Room 210, Darlington, SC 29532, or email to jbishop@darcosc.net.

The County Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee will review the applications and develop funding recommendations for consideration by Darlington County Council. The Committee will recommend funding for expenditures that attract or provide for tourists pursuant to the definition of "travel" and "tourism" as defined in Section 6-4-5(4) of SC Code of Laws, as amended ("The action and activities of people taking trips outside their home communities for any purpose, except daily commuting to and from work."). It is interpreted that tourism involves activities associated with all overnight trips away from home in paid or unpaid accommodations and day trips to places 50 miles or more, one way, from the traveler's origin.