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Prison Farm

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Prison Camp

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Mission Statement:

The Darlington County Prison Camp prepares inmates for reentry into society by offering a structured work environment while teaching accountability and life management skills. Our facility models a healthy, well-organized environment that encourages inmates to contribute to their community by realizing the benefits of being positively involved with others. 

Darlington County Prison Farm, which was built in the early 30's, is a 51-bed minimum security, all male facility.

The inmates utilize their skills within Darlington County Government employment system. They are offered opportunities to learn vocational skills on jobs assigned, as well as participate in Literacy, GED and Work Keys and Life-Coaching Programs. They also participate in social events (i.e. church service at our facility). 

Designated Facility:

Darlington County Prison Camp is classified as a Designated Facility, which refers to a city or county jail or prison camp with which South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) has a contractual agreement to house state inmates while they are serving their SCDC sentences.

Darlington County Prison Camp, along with SCDC thoroughly screens inmates prior to a transfer. All Designated Facility inmate transfers will be approved and implemented in compliance with all the rules and regulations, and statues of SCDC, state and federal laws - Designated Facility Inmate Assignments and Transfers (OP-21-05).

Additional information about the Prison Camp may be obtained by contacting the office via email, phone or fax. 


200 Camp Road
Darlington, SC  29532
Phone: 843-398-4210
Fax: 843-398-4127
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Major Stanley

Major Mitch Stanley
Prison Farm Director

Our Staff is composed of Class 2 Law Enforcement Officers
(Corrections Officers)