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Economic Development

Economic Development

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The DCEDP was established to continually improve the economy of Darlington County through the effective promotion and development of new industry and the expansion of existing industry. The Partnership is responsible for working with state and federal agencies in securing available grants and other financial assistance for industries.

In order to accomplish the objectives, the Partnership follows a program which includes industrial development, community involvement and public relations. The most visible work the board conducts is the recruitment of industry to increase investment and jobs within the county. The Partnership works with industrial prospects to determine an appropriate physical location based on the requirements and needs of the industry. The Partnership also assists existing industry in coordinating local, regional, state and federal assistance programs.

Darlington County's success in attracting capital investment is the result of concentrated efforts to improve the industrial climate in the county. The efforts of the Darlington County Council and Darlington County Progress, Inc. have helped move the county into the top of the ranks in terms of capital investment.

The Partnership assists community leaders with their development efforts. By working to develop community "salespersons," the director and the Partnership have additional allies to sell Darlington County to prospects. The Partnership determines available industrial sites and prepares site files on each location. We are now on line with computer programs that can assist prospects with the most up-to-date information on our sites and existing industries. By assisting community leaders with industrial relations, specific problems which exist or which may develop can be addressed. 

Darlington County Economic Development Partnership (DCEDP)
1 Public Square
Room 210
Darlington, SC 29532

1 Public Square
Room 210
Darlington, SC 29532

Phone: (843) 398-4100
Executive Director: Lewis Brown
E-mail: lbrown@darcosc.net
Deputy Director: Robert Kilgo, Jr.
E-mail: rlkilgo@darcosc.net

Hours of Operation: 8:30AM - 5:00PM