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Clerk to Council

Clerk to Council

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Clerk to Council

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The County Administrator shall appoint a person, not a member of the council, to serve as clerk for an indefinite term, who shall be under the supervision of the county administrator. The clerk will record all proceedings of the council; deliver copies of the minutes of each council meeting to all members with the agenda for the next council meeting; maintain a journal in which shall be recorded minutes of council's proceedings which shall be open to the public; keep a register of all proposed ordinances and resolutions, assigning them a number and arranging them in order of introduction; ensure that public hearings and other council activities are publicly advertised and that the media is notified as required by law or policy; serve as secretary of the council; to attest the signature of the chairman on all ordinances, resolutions and directives of the council, and to sign with the chairman all deeds, leases, bonds, contracts and other legal instruments affecting the county; ensure that all official documents of council are properly executed, filed and maintained; render any needed assistance to members of the council in typing and preparation of reports, recommendations, ordinances, resolutions, and correspondences; assist the county administrator in the performance of the administrator's duties, and perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the county administrator.  (Ord. No. 89-16, § I, 12-18-89; Ord. No. 14-29, § III, 2-2-15)

State Law referenceAppointment of clerk to council, S.C. Code 1976, § 4-9-110.



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J. JaNet Bishop
Clerk to Council