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Detention Center

Darlington County Detention Center
2349 Rogers Road
Darlington, SC 29532-3213
Phone: 843-398-4220
Major Mitch Stanley, Detention Center Director


Detention Division
The Detention Division is composed of 50+ employees, which includes administration, command staff, and officers. In 1999, we moved into our new facility, which houses 224 inmates, with an additional holding area capacity of 64. The facility houses both male and female inmates. This state of the art facility has been a model in structure and operations throughout the state. It is a direct supervision facility. Meaning, it is a totally self-sufficient operation consisting of housing, food service and laundry facilities that maintain a high level of service on a daily basis. Ninety-five to ninety-eight percent of the housed inmates are pre-trial or persons waiting to go to court to have their cases heard by a judge. The other 2% - 5% are persons serving a 90- day or less sentence or, are waiting to be transferred to another facility. Additionally, we are a contracted holding facility for the United States Marshall Service for Federal inmates awaiting trial in the United States Federal Court System.

Visitation is allowed on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:00PM - 10:00PM, in thirty-minute increments per day per inmate. No personal contact is allowed during visitation.

Major Mitch Stanley   Major Mitch Stanley
Detention Center Director

The Detention Center Director is responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing the operations and programs of the Detention division. Additionally, the Director ensures that all policy, regulations, and procedures are enforced and implemented. The Detention Center Director prepares and monitors the division budget, prepares reports and analysis as required. This position is directly accountable to the Sheriff and Chief Deputy for the implementation of all operations of the division.

  Captain Waddell Coe
Captain/Deputy Director

Under the direction of the Detention Center Director, duties and responsibilities of the Captain/Deputy Director include coordinating the day-to-day operation of the Division. The Deputy Director assists with recruiting and selecting personnel as well as recommending employees for promotions or transfers. This postion assists in preparing and monitoring the Division's yearly budget, updates policies and procedures as necessary and is available for other duties as assigned by the Detention Center Director.

  Captain Bonnette Perkins
Oversees all Operations of Court/Transportations/Bookings and Releases
  Sgt. Gerald Joye
  Lt. Beverly Addison
Housing Lieutenant
  Wanda Brunson
Office Manager/Administrative Assistant
  Rosena James
Records Supervisor
  Otis Ross
Kitchen Manager
  Ida Swinton
Kitchen Supervisor

County Bloodhound Tracking Team
The Bloodhound Tracking Team is comprised of both road and corrections deputies as well as Darlington City and Hartsville City Police Officers, that are used to search for missing children and adults that could be suffering from Alzheimers and man hunts for armed robbery and murder suspects. Our man trailing teams (K-9 and handler) are certified through the National Police Bloodhound Association.
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