Darlington County Probate Court

Darlington County Probate Court
Marvin I. Lawson, Judge Of Probate
    Dianne F. Byrd, Deputy Judge
    Carol N. Boyd, Adminstrative Assistant
    Corrie Mae L. Williams, Clerk
    Joanna DiBello, Commitment Division

1 Public Square, 2nd Floor, Room 208
Darlington, South Carolina  29532
Phone: (843) 398-4310 or (843) 398-4311

The Probate Court handles various legal issues, mostly marriage licenses, estates of the deceased, conservatorships for minors and incapacitated adults, guardianships for incapacitated adults, and involuntary commitments for those with mental and alcohol or drug problems.

Marriage Licenses
$50 cash fee: if over 21, need picture ID and social security card, both parties must come in to apply: pickup after 24 hours waiting period. If under 21, need birth certificate and if under 18, need parental consent. Both parties must be 16 to apply with parental consent.

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