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Darlington County Mapping & GIS Department

Darlington County Mapping Department
Room 309, 1 Public Square
Darlington County Court House
Darlington, SC 29532
Phone: (843) 398-4180
Fax: (843) 398-4002

Summary Of Services

The Mapping Department is responsible for the development, maintenance, access, and distribution of geographic information and related services. Geographic information (data) includes roads, real estate parcels, water bodies, and railroads.

Online Mapping Applications

Real Property

  • Geographic representation of real estate parcel boundaries.
  • Associated geographic and descriptive information (streets, lakes, rivers).

Pricing Information

  Fees For County GIS Digital Data

GIS Data Layers can be purchased in the Following Basic Categories:
1. Parcel Layer (Full County Coverage)
2. Black & White Digital Orthophotography (Full County Coverage)
3. New 2005 Color Orothophotography (Full County Coverage)

Computer Plots
1. Letter Size B&W
2. Letter Size Color
3. 34 x 44 County Road Atlas
4. Tax Map with Aerial
5. 24 x 34 without Aerial



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