Darlington County Emergency Medical Services

Darlington County Emergency Medical Services
1625 Harry Byrd Highway
Darlington, South Carolina  29532
Phone: (843) 398-4441

Marion C. Stewart, III
EMS/EPA, Director

To provide emergency responses, provide pre-hospital care and treatment to those individuals who become sick or injured.

Darlington County Emergency Medical Services was established in May of 1975. Two ambulances were purchased and delivered in June of 1975. The first year's Operational Budget of $60,000.00 primarily with Federal Revenue Sharing Funds. Two bases were established, one in Darlington and the other in the Hartsville Area. Before the establishment of EMS one private ambulance service and five volunteer rescue squads handled emergency calls.

Type Of Service:
Darlington County EMS is a licensed Advance Life Support Services, our primary mission is responding to 911 and other emergency within Darlington County.

Ambulance Staffing:
Each ambulance is staffed with a Paramedic and a Basic or Intermediate Level Emergency Medical Technician. Each employee is trained and certified by the guidelines set by the EMS Division of South Carolina DHEC.

Base Locations:
Darlington Base is the Headquarters of EMS Operations, the EMS Director's, Training Manager and Billing/Records and the On-duty EMS Supervisor are located here.

1625 Harry Byrd Highway
Darlington SC, 29532
1- Ambulance Crew EMS Paramedic Supervisor and an EMT-I

Hartsville Base
411 South Fourth Street
Hartsville, SC 29550
2- ALS Ambulances

East Darlington
3231 Cashua Street
Darlington, SC 29532
1- ALS Ambulance

Lamar Base
1644 Cartersville Highway
Lamar, SC 29069
1-ALS Ambulance

Administrative Staffing:
Darlington County EMS Director, Marion C. Stewart, III
Training/Compliance Manager, Linwood Epps
Office Manager Admin Assistance, Amy Rodgers

Operations Staffing:
3- Paramedic Supervisors
15- Paramedics
12- Intermediate Emergency Medical Technicians
1- Basic EMT

Darlington County Ambulance Commission:
Darlington County EMS has a Board of eight Commissioners appointed by the Darlington County Council. The ambulance Commission is tasked by County Ordinance to assist with developing and implementing operations policies and procedures. Commissioner's duties also include recommending monetary rates for service fees, grant franchise contracts for non-emergency/ convalescent ambulance providers. The Ambulance Commission meet bi-monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 7:00 PM at Darlington Base.

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